Viennese roofs with yield

Together with the commercial subsidiary HOB and architect DI Riehs, we supervise the photovoltaics and energy management projects of Sozialbau AG. The sustainability aspect and the steps towards self-sufficiency are at the forefront of these projects. In the future, the social buildings are to generate electricity ecologically, climate-friendly and purely through the energy of the sun through the construction of photovoltaic systems. Furthermore, so-called heating containers are located on the roofs. We are allowed to make a contribution to this in the area of fire protection and structural design. With our team, the corresponding roofs or roof trusses are measured and static proofs with regard to the load increase are carried out by the PV modules. In cooperation with zamG, the latest normative findings regarding snow loads in Vienna are also integrated along with a fixed recurrence period, which is based on the service life of the PV modules. 

Basically, these are around 430 objects of different roof shape and size, which are to be equipped with around 92,600 m² of solar panels for PV electricity production by 2023. We are pleased to be able to make a contribution to our environment and to the goal of climate neutrality by 2040.


Our area of responsibility: structural engineering, fire-prevention planning

Architecture: Arch. DI Catharina Riehs

Client: Hausservice Objektbewirtschaftungs GmbH