About us

Ability and trust form the foundation of every cooperation

Founded in the Year 2005, KPPK Ziviltechniker GmbH has evolved from a small engineering firm called “Klaus Petraschka Planning & Construction” to a company with more than 30 employees. In cooperation with clients, architects and specialist engineers, we design all planning and testing processes in the construction industry. We offer you all the services you need to implement your construction project as easily and efficiently as possible.

Climate-neutral construction, sustainable implementation

The future topic of the construction industry is renewable energies. We create viable concepts to equip buildings with climate-neutral and sustainable materials. Smart technologies such as solar power and air or geothermal energy have a positive effect on the environment. We advise you comprehensively and offer you tailor-made solutions in order to be able to integrate these innovations effectively and cost-efficiently – individually tailored to your special requirements and local conditions.

Together, reduce economically sustainable CO2

We cooperate as a program partner with klimaaktiv in the field of construction & renovation regarding the dissemination of the klimaaktiv building standard and a holistic view of the CO2 impact. The klimaaktiv building and renovation program is part of the BMNT’s climate protection initiative klimaaktiv.

The building sector consumes more than a third of final energy, making it one of the largest emitting causes of carbon dioxide emissions. The saving of energy and materials, the use of renewable energy sources and renewable raw materials as well as the provision of a good indoor climate are becoming increasingly important.

How do we contribute to climate protection

For this purpose, R.O.S.E.® was created to compare alternative energy sources with conventional thermal energy sources. R.O.S.E.® can determine the exact amortization time at the beginning of a project based on the present value method.

Additional subsidies, energy price developments and interest rate developments are considered in order to make long-term statements. An additional feature allows the percentage of CO2 savings to be displayed based on characteristic values and to be considered in the calculation.

More Informations at:  rose-kppk.at

Team of KPPK

DI Dr. Klaus Petraschka
CEO, Civil Engineer, Technical Expert
Christian Lackner, BSc
Head of Building Technology, klimaaktiv expert partner
DI Roman Flores Espinoza
Head of Building Physics, klimaaktiv expert partner
DI Ralf Staadt, MLS
Civil Engineer, Managing Partner
DI Astrid Staadt
Structural Engineering, Construction Coordination
DI Henning Kirmse
Structural Engineering
DI Harald Pönninger
Structural Engineering
DI Bernhard Höfer
Structural Engineering
DI Thomas Huber
Fire Prevention Planning, Project Control
DI Lukas Stöberl
Structural Engineering
Sonja Seka, BSc
Structural Engineering
DI Werner Mayer-Habian
Construction management, Building construction
DI Raphael Scharf, BSc
Structural Engineering
DI Agnes Mairitsch, MSc
Building Technology, klimaaktiv expert partner
DI Nino Huemer-Herzele
Structural Engineering
DI (FH) Christian Schwager
Building Physics, klimaaktiv expert partner
Kristina Csambalova, BSc
Building Physics
DI Mathias Drack
Structural Engineering
DI Dominik Hörandtner
Structural Engineering, BIM-Coordination
Karen Zwick, BSc
Construction management, Building construction
Lukas Warter, BSc
Structural Engineering
Elisabeth Einhorn, BSc
Building Physics, Energy and Environment Technology
DI Maciej Flasza
Structural Engineering
DI (FH) Elisabeth Eder
Building Technology, klimaaktiv expert partner
DI Liubov Sustr
Building Physics
Sabrina Kaisler
Office Management, Accounting
Misel Kajic
DI Bozena Gamrot
Student Apprentice
DI Tanja Höfer
currently on maternity leave
ing peter kuen
celine nussbaumer
Office Management
Havvanur Tuz
Office Management
Arlene Kohlmaier
Markus Stiefsohn
IT Support
Alfred Brackelmann
IT Support
Stefan Georgieff
Web Development
Bia Grabner
Graphic Design
Isabella Raunigk
UX, Web Design, Graphic Design
Sylvia Kohlmaier
Human Resources, Marketing

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