Sustainable renovation – Hotel Gilbert

The age of the buildings in Vienna which are in need of renovation is getting younger and younger. In the last 10-15 years we have mostly dealt with apartment buildings from the turn of the century and were able to successfully renovate them thanks to their partly good substance or solid construction. Now more and more buildings from the 1930s-1960s require a substantial renovation. After the war years and due to the technical development during these years, post-war construction was more material-saving and less massive. This now means that these buildings require a great deal of thought to raise them to a modern building standard.

In the now fully renovated Hotel Gilbert, we were allowed to take care of the static implementation of these tasks. The diversity of the structures was an exciting challenge, in particular with regard to the earthquake load case in relation to the sometimes very thin ceilings. The rest of the concrete structure also showed an age-related need for renovation. The new, additional green facade with a load of around 50 kg/m² and a large overhang is not easy to cope with for these old building substances.

As the impressive result shows, we have succeeded in implementing the architectural approach commissioned by the Eidenböck architectural firm and have handed over a completely renovated building to the client. Our heartiest congratulations on the great refurbishment go out to the architectural office BWM Architekten who transformed the well-known Hotel ViennArt into a “true hotel de jour”!


Our area of responsibility: structural engineering, testing engineer

Architecture: Arch. DI Heinrich Eidenböck

Auftraggeber: Arch. DI Heinrich Eidenböck

Photos: moodley brand identiy, Michael Königshofer