We congratulate the architect Juri Troy on the 2nd place for his competition entry “Extension Crematorium Vienna”

The design concept continues the holzmeister idea by once again releasing the central hall as a development axis in order to be able to annex new farewell halls on both sides. In this way, the building structure can be expanded in a way that corresponds to the clarity and balance of the existing building. The direct connection can avoid unnecessary traffic areas and instead offer added value through the generous development zone between the two new buildings.

The following advantages are particularly noteworthy:

  • Short and efficient route
  • Compact building form through traffic space savings
  • Low basic consumption
  • Uncompromising connection to the stock
  • Optimal future expandability
  • Second modern furnace at the adoption level or optional in the basement
  • Almost unhindered operation during the construction period


Our area of responsibility: structural engineering

Architecture: Arch. Mag. Juri Troy

Client: Arch. Mag. Juri Troy