Building physics

Qualified support in the areas of heat and sound insulation and protection against moisture.

  • assessment of all contract sections of construction projects with regard to structural and physical characteristics and optimisation of building’s overall energy efficiency and sustainability
  • measurement of parameters in building physics
  • expert advice

Thermal building physics

We can furnish proof that heat insulation requirements are met at all planning stages.

  • evaluation of protection against heat in summer
  • checks on design details
  • vapour diffusion calculations and computer-aided simulation of hygrothermal behaviour of multi-layer building components
  • computer-aided heat bridge calculation (two- and three-dimensional)
  • investigation of thermodynamic impact on room hygiene and of thermal comfort
  • preparation of airtightness concepts.

Building acoustics

We carry out building noise surveys and plan the required degree of sound insulation (airborne and impact sound insulation) at all planning stages. Using our extensive measuring equipment, we can carry out standardised control measurements for airborne and impact sounds and noise generated by building equipment, furnishing proof of compliance with noise level standards as required under building regulations.

  • rating of noise protection of components based on relevant standards and statutory provisions
  • rating of noise protection while taking into account special user requirements
  • calculation of building noise parameters by referring to relevant standards
  • measurement and assessment of airborne sound insulation of internal building components in accordance with ÖNORM EN ISO 16283-1
  • measurement and assessment of airborne sound insulation of façade elements in accordance with ÖNORM EN ISO 16283-3
  • measurement and assessment of the impact sound insulation of partition elements in buildings in accordance with ÖNORM EN ISO 16283-2
  • measurement and assessment of sound-pressure level of service equipment attached to or installed in buildings in accordance with ÖNORM EN ISO 16032

Room acoustics

In the field of room acoustics we design measures enabling improvements in the acoustic comfort of a room in relation to audibility and noise reduction. We provide consultancy services for a wide range of applications (e.g. concert halls, lecture halls, classrooms, open-plan offices, group rooms, conference rooms, music rehearsal rooms and so on)

  • planning of acoustic measures with a view to optimising audibility and/or noise reduction in rooms
  • calculation of the reverberation time of a room
  • computer-aided simulation of room acoustics
  • measurement of reverberation time in accordance with ÖNORM EN ISO 3382

Noise/sound protection report

We draft sound emission projections and assess the noise situation in neighbouring areas in line with applicable norms and guidelines. For a positive assessment in planning procedures, we calculate both active and passive noise protection and draw up the mandatory noise protection report.

  • computer-aided simulation of noise propagation in line with ÖAL Guideline 28 (commerce, leisure, industry and traffic)
  • preparation of noise maps over
  • planning of active and passive noise protection
  • continuous noise level measurement to determine environmental noise levels in accordance with ÖNORM S 5004
  • preparation of noise protection reports as required under building regulations in accordance with ÖAL Guideline 3 Sheet 1 or ÖNORM S 5021 (e.g. building equipment, underground garages)

Energy efficiency

Energy efficient buildings are a must nowadays. We plan and optimize our buildings in an interdisciplinary team with energy technicians, building physicists and building technology engineers.

Firstly, using our own developed tool, R.O.S.E., the energy efficiency of alternative energy sources in relation to fossil fuel energy sources is determined and possible amortizations are checked. In addition, possible grants can also be taken into account. As additional information, CO2 emissions over a period of 20 years are also calculated and can be factored in.

  • R.O.S.E.
  • Energy Certificate
  • Thermal renovation of existing buildings
  • Certification as a Klimaakiv Kompetenzpartner (climate protection initiative of the Austrian Federal Environment Ministry)

Building Diagnostics

Detailed survey and documentation on buildings

  • thermographic measurements
  • humidity measurements
  • blower door measurements

Building physics workshop

To accompany you in the architecture panning, we offer a detailed workshop in the early planning stages, where fundamental detailed constructional physics, statistical, fire protection and structural points are discussed. This cross-discipline procedure or holistic approach especially helps raise the awareness of the various actors for the other areas of expertise.

Our Equipment

acoustics and sound insulation

Brüel & Kjaer 2250
sound level meter
Brüel & Kjaer Omni Power Type 4296
dodecahedral loudspeaker
Norsonic Nor277
tapping machine

Construction diagnosis

Testo 880-3 Profi Set
thermographic camera
infrared thermal hygrometer
moisture indicator
material moisture meter
Hf-sensor MOIST-200 B-Set
material moisture measurement
Minneapolis BlowerDoor Modell 4.1 
BlowerDoor measuring fan
BlowerDoor measuring fan
datalogger Temp./RH
datalogger Temp./RH
Testo 425
Anemometer hand-held unit

Wind measurement

Inspeed Vortex
Davies Vantage Pro2
Anemometer and wind direction sensor
Windlogger LeWL
wind speed and direction data logger