Project Management

Acquisition of legal building obligations, insertion of a planning coordinator along with a site coordinator.

Planning Coordination

  • Coordination and implementation of the general principles of prevention, detailed design and preparation of the construction project.
  • Drawing up of safety and health plans as well as ensuring their consideration by the client.
  • Assembling a document for subsequent works as a form of documentation for the user in regards to safety-related components that are being/ have been operated and maintained.

Construction Work Coordination

The Construction Site Coordination controls and supports safety on the construction site. It coordinates the active contractors and their employees on the construction site, especially in the event of simultaneously carried out work.

To start with, the Project Leader must be made known to the authorities. If this is not done, then the building contractor is the Project Leader. He or she must now assign a Construction Site Coordinator who takes over the planning and construction site coordination.

For this purpose, a health and safety plan must first be drawn up which must be verifiably made known to all parties concerned and which governs all safety-related aspects on the construction site.

The Construction Site Coordinator supports the health and safety on the construction site and monitors the safety-related aspects.