The former winery Weinhof Petz is located in Krems an der Donau in Lower Austria, less than 100m from the Danube. It is now used by the Förthof winery as a tasting room and includes two apartments. The Winzerhof Petz is being rebuilt by SAN Real Immobilien GmbH as part of an expansion of the hotel DER FÖRTHOF next door, including an expansion of the courtyard area.

The new building planned by the architects luup ZT GmbH is characterized by its curved shape, its extensive glass facades, which are only interrupted by isolated steel supports, and its simple gabled roofs, which are adapted to the existing building. As a result, this extension, designed as a reinforced concrete building, fits perfectly into the overall structure and complements the existing structure in a meaningful way without standing out too much.

The newly built hotel complex and the spa area are connected by a footbridge, which leads over an existing canal.


Our area of responsibility: structural engineering, fire protection

Architecture, Renderings: luup ZT GmbH

Client: Förthof Errichtungs GmbH