Provincial Control Centre of the Provincial Police Directorate of Upper Austria

The provincial control centre of the Provincial Police Directorate of Upper Austria is a modern building complex for the state-wide management and control of police security operations. The building is located in 4020 Linz, Gruberstraße 35 and has a ground floor and three floors above. The new building, designed by the renowned architectural firm Franz&Sue, has a reinforced concrete construction with an ETICS-insulated façade.

From the preliminary design phase to completion, we were responsible for the provision of building physics services. Particular attention was paid to the calculations of the required thermal insulation in order to plan the building in a future-oriented manner. The energy certificate was promptly adapted to the changes in the planning process by means of a digital model. In the detailed planning, emphasis was placed on the avoidance of geometric and structural thermal bridges. Compliance with summer thermal insulation was achieved through the thermal mass of the structures and high-quality windows with external shading.

With its superstructures, the building can protect the users from external noise, but also inside the building, so that the individual areas do not interfere with each other. With additional acoustic elements on walls and ceilings, the room acoustics could be implemented in the adjoining and main lounge areas. The establishment and maintenance of a comprehensive component catalog from the planning phase to the end of the construction phase has ensured clear assignment and location of all components.


Our area of responsibility: Bauphysik

Architecture: Franz und Sue ZT GmbH

Client: Franz und Sue ZT GmbH

Photos: © Schreyer David