As part of our branch opening in Linz, we visited the new Linz landmark on March 1st – the A26 suspension bridge. Together with Mag. Sulzbachner, who is responsible for the environmental management of the ARGE A26 Danube Bridge, we were able to get an excellent overview of the construction progress and of the new highway junction “Donau Nord”. Our structural engineers were particularly impressed by the static challenges of the project.

The massive anchor blocks made of cast concrete, which hold more than 100 anchors on both sides in order to divert the tensile forces of the steel cables into the mountain, as well as the steel cables, on which the bridge deck hangs, are just a few of the impressions that we got in Linz. The Austrian-Italian consortium of the companies f-pile gmbh (Vienna), ICM Spa (Vicenza) and MAEG Costruzioni Spa (Vazzola) has not only been awarded the contract for the first construction phase of the A26 highway, but also left behind an outstanding showpiece of modern bridge architecture in Linz.

More information and technical details: the A26 suspension bridge