The Stadlauer Malzfabrik is currently building a new malthouse on its premises. New buildings of this kind have become rare and, consequently, there are only a few companies that have the appropriate know-how. The company Bühler GmbH, which is responsible for the planning and execution of the system design, is a pioneer in this regard. We support the STAMAG Stadlauer Malzfabrik Gesellschaft m.b.H. as general planner.

Currently, the massive foundation slab – erected on CFA piles – has been completed and the plant manufacturer is beginning to set up the so-called germination vessels, which are completely made of stainless steel. The facility is characterized by two large circular germination vessels on three levels each. There are also several ventilation ducts which have spacious walkable dimensions. Various pressure differences and temperature conditions as well as conveyor technology, accessibility, etc. represent the general framework for planning the new malting plant.