Fire Protection Planning

In fire prevention planning, it is of great importance to choose the best possible measures that fulfil all fire prevention technical requirements.

The various regulations and laws of the individual federal regions, the special requirements of the approval authorities and the instructions of the experts involved must be integrated in the planning.

Careful and consistent planning makes it possible to implement necessary measures and avoid expensive and uneconomical ones.

Fire Protection Concepts

Our fire protection concepts are established in accordance with the instructions of the “Deviations in fire protection and fire protection concepts” guideline of the Austrian Institute of Construction Engineering.

The concepts contain information about preventative and defensive fire protection and describe emergency situation and evacuation scenarios in the case of fire.

These fire protection assessments are especially designed to achieve the fire protection goals of larger construction projects, such as large buildings and other facilities for large gatherings of people.

Fire Protection technical advice for new buildings and renovations

We provide architects and building owners with fire protection advice for new buildings and for renovation projects. For renovations, it is particularly important to determine inexpensive measures with minimal loss of space.

These measures must also be brought into line with the static, constructional and mechanical installation requirements.

Fire protection concept plans provide, among other things, a graphical representation of the burning behaviour of the various construction products used and the fire resistance capacity of entire components. Possible risk areas are also considered, such as fire travelling via possible spread routes, loss of bearing capacity, etc. and counter measures are developed.

Evacuation Plans and Escape Route Concepts

Escape route concepts are necessary planning components for buildings with large gatherings of people and directly contribute to everybody’s personal protection.

In the context of evacuation planning, we establish escape route concepts that fulfil the legal requirements regarding technical and constructive design, and thus plan escape possibilities for large gatherings of people.

Especially for larger building complexes, event centres, sports facilities, as well as nursing homes, hospitals and schools, these procedures can be optimised through integrated planning measures adjusted to the building.

This takes into account and fulfils the “personal protection”, “protection of the neighbourhood” and “protection of the rescue staff” protection goals. In particular cases, protection from unauthorised access to the building is also to be integrated into the planning.


Fire Protection and Escape Route Plans

We establish fire protection plans that fulfil the requirements of the Austrian Technical Directives for Preventative Fire Protection 121 O and escape route plans in accordance with the norm DIN ISO 23601 and take care of the validation of the plans by the relevant authorities or the on-site coordination of the plan site with the building owner or operator.