Building-Services Engineering, TGA

We have come to the conclusion that it is increasingly important, in this ever-densifying environment of information, to keep the relationships between the different engineering disciplines as close as possible.

In the fields of structural engineering disciplines, building physics and fire protection engineering, the discipline of Building-Services planning finds its place.

Through interdisciplinary exchanges within our office, we guarantee a solution tailored to all needs. A solution that is both sustainable and economical.

Heating, Air-Conditioning and Ventilation

Impeccable air quality and a pleasant, constant indoor climate are important prerequisites for the overall well-being of building residents.

The focal point of cooling is ventilation; therefore heating is comprehensively treated in regards to this. Modern, sustainable technologies such as controlled living space ventilation along with the proper exhaust ventilation, centralized or decentralized, or in combination with one another, are all part of our comprehensive solutions research.

With tailor-made energy and climate change concepts we can respond individually to different requirements. The sustainable and economic usage of renewable energies, such as solar energy, thermal and geothermal represent a key issue.

Sanitation Systems

Sanitary technology is based on the treatment and disposal of water with concern and consideration for hygiene and human health.

The treatment of water is a central theme in every construction. With careful planning in the early phases, tomorrow’s water capacities and reserves can be properly established and managed. Technical installations for water supply and sanitation, irrigation and drainage systems and of course the use of commercial or domestic hot water are components of our comprehensive solutions.