BIM – Building Information Modeling

BIM, along with the structured treatment and processing of map data has always been an important factor for us.

Thanks to today’s multidisciplinary internal processing (Structural Engineering, Building Physics, Building Technology) and the latest software we are able to offer fully integrated planning capabilities.

We have worked on our projects using virtual three-dimensional modeling from the very beginning, in order to properly map all of the constraints a future construction may have.

Thanks to the development of the IFC data exchange format (Industry Foundation Classes), and its implementation into our software, all structural-element-specific data can now be transferred losslessly along with minimal manipulation of the core software.

When placed under consideration with the fundamentals of modeling, BIM leads to highly efficient management and planning-processing within facilities management with its valuable and comprehensive data base.


kppk Mode of Operation

Three-dimensional IFC-Files are generated based on the today’s two most important 3D construction-rendering tools: Autodesk Revit, Nemetschek ArchiCAD & Allplan.

These IFC files are monitored within our IFC viewer, checked with the Solibri program for incompatibilities, and then uploaded into architectural-programs such as Allplan, Dlubal, ArchiPHYSIK and DDS-CAD.

Our BIM Manager coordinates the quality of data with our external planning partners (for example architects), in order to ensure a largely error-free data-importation process. Within the various stages of planning, models along with both internal and external data transfers are continuously monitored.