It was with great pleasure and great expectations that we started the “Schiefer Apfelbaum” project at Hanuschstrasse 6 in Linz as a general consultation and analysed a sustainable solid wood construction as part of a feasibility study. Unfortunately, this has failed due to the currently prevailing price developments in timber construction.

However, since we were able to convince our client, GSA Linz, of our commitment and competence, we are now – together with the architectural office Stögmüller – allowed to further develop the six-storey residential building, including the adjoining serviced apartment building, in conventional construction and bring it to construction maturity in 2022.

Through the use of PV systems and ecological insulation materials as well as an excellent energy balance, we will compensate for the CO² shortcoming of mineral construction and make a lasting contribution to Linz’s urban development. We are already looking forward to the next few months of exciting planning work. Come on!