R.O.S.E.® is an online tool developed by KPPK Ziviltechniker GmbH. With R.O.S.E.®, alternative energy sources can be compared with conventional thermal energy sources. This makes it possible to determine the exact payback times of the energy systems at the beginning of a project. Many individual technical and economic parameters can be adapted. On the basis of the result graphics and in particular the amortization graphic, the calculated results can be easily interpreted.


More possibilities for building data entry:

From now on it is possible to make a more detailed input in the building entries. In the calculation method “Estimate based on building data”, default values for existing buildings can now also be assumed for the specific heating load, as well as a separate value can be entered.

Cooling system can optionally be included:

In the case of heat pumps, active or passive cooling can be carried out directly via the device. Split air conditioners are included in all other energy systems in order to make the comparison easier here as well. In order to calculate the cooling system, the cooling load of the building is first determined after a few additional inputs to the building in point 3.

Detailed description of the energy flow and self-consumption of PV systems:

This allows a better interpretation of the results and an estimation of which size of the PV system, or the battery storage system is optimal. The aim is always to maximize self-consumption.

Simplified comparison and selection of the basic energy system

Increased usability:

The transfer station of the district heating is calculated automatically. The input of the specific extraction capacity of the soil for the geothermal heat pump is now possible and the input of the PV and solar thermal system has been improved. In addition, funding for the PV system, the battery storage system and the solar thermal system can now also be added.

Consideration of the innovations in CO2-pricing:

The innovations around the CO2 tax were also taken into account in R.O.S.E.®. From now on, a detailed entry including acceptance of annual increases is possible.

All new features are explained in the manual after logging in 👉 https://rose-kppk.at If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at rose(at)kppk.at!