Due to the decision to export it in climate-active Gold Standard, the two-group kindergarten Münichsthal will provide future generations with space for the best possible development.

Building database climate-active => https://bit.ly/32kYfE8

The architectural firm Treberspurg & Partner Architekten won the competition under the project name “the three city musicians” in 2019. The kindergarten is currently being built by the municipality of Wolkersdorf in the Weinviertel and will open in autumn 2021. The necessary interdisciplinary cooperation through structural design, building physics and building technology contributes significantly to the achievement of this planning declaration in gold.

The climate-active building standard => https://bit.ly/3uTnGsB

In addition to energy efficiency, the climate-active building standard assesses and evaluates the quality of planning and execution, the quality of building materials and construction as well as central aspects of comfort and indoor air quality from a neutral side. The climate-active building standard provides concrete support for real estate developers, planners, builders, housing developers and housing development agencies in the federal states, as well as for all those who build or renovate a house. (Excerpt)


Our area of responsibility: structural engineering, building physics, building technology, fire-prevention planning

Architecture: Treberspurg & Partner Architekten, Ziviltechniker GesmbH

Client: Treberspurg & Partner Architekten, Ziviltechniker GesmbH