The Palais Schwarzenberg has an eventful history. The palace was built as a summer representation building after the first turkish expulsion in 1697. The Fürstenhaus Schwarzenberg acquired the later magnificent building in a kind of shell some time later and completed it in 1704.

As one of the few 5-star hotels in Vienna in the 80s and 90s, the Hotel Palais Schwarzenberg gained world fame until it closed in 2006.

Since 2007, the building and the associated Palace Garden have experienced many owners and as many planned uses; from the hotel project to the casino to a private housing project in the garden, there have been many creative approaches.


Our area of responsibility: structural design, building physics, fire-prevention planning, testing engineer

Architecture: HOPPE architekten ZT GmbH

Client: Palais Schwarzenberg Entwicklungs- und Vermietungs-LLC & Co KG

Photos Header: © Wolf Leeb