On an industrial site of Stamag AG in the 22nd district of Vienna, a high-bay warehouse is currently being built. This is the first in a series of various high-bay projects with voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik GmbH to be statically supervised by our office. A particular challenge of this approx. 26 m high system is the severely limited deformation of the steel structure of l/1000 due to the requirements of the stacker crane. The steel structure is established by means of built-in parts at the highly utilized foot points on a massive in-place concrete slab on drilled piles. Under a part of the system, a sprinkler system with 2 sprinkler basins is built. For an economical solution that also allows easy assembly, control cross-sections are optimized, and special profiles are used as shelf carriers.


Our area of responsibility: structural engineering, construction coordination, testing engineer

Architecture: Arch. DI Helmut Raffel

Client: STAMAG Stadlauer Malzfabrik Gesellschaft m.b.H.