Not only is there a house attached to this pretzel, but also a reminder of the old handicraft signs, implemented here by the artist Anna Paul. The second ‘Ströck-Feierabend’ was opened in the seventh district of Vienna in the former Petzolt hardware store – better known as ‘Zu den zwei Rittern’ – on Burggasse x Neubaugasse.

In connection with the installation of a branch of the ‘Ströck-Feierabend’ we were commissioned by the company Ströck Gastronomiebetriebs GmbH and the house owner to evaluate all measures of the conversion for compatibility with a future attic extension. Due to existing stone pillars as house supports, the overall good condition of the building and the requirements of the department of building regulation (MA37), we only had to define a few measures for future additions.

Finally, we supported sp-ZACHER ZT GmbH with the industrial equipment license with expert opinions and measurements, so that undisturbed operation is possible until the night hours or the early morning hours. We are looking forward to grabbing a pretzel in our new favorite corner in Neubaugasse.