The building, built in the years 1913-1918 at Laimäckergasse 18, 1100 Vienna, houses a kindergarten and is to be thermally renovated as well as optimally prepared for the challenges of the future through a contemporary choice of energy concept. Since it is a listed building, external insulation is not possible for architectural and design reasons. The great challenge of our time is the most holistic, sustainable renovation possible. Therefore, it is planned to thermally upgrade the building with an interior insulation to such an extent that the use of a geothermal heat pump is meaningfully or effectively possible.

In combination with a photovoltaic system and battery storage, the high investment costs can be amortized due to the lower operating costs over a period of about 16 years. A major advantage of the surface heating required by the geothermal heat pump is the possibility of reversible operation. This means that in summer this system can be used to cool with comparatively little energy input and thus ensures a pleasant indoor climate. Another positive side effect of cooling is that the dissipated heat regenerates the soil or “recharges” it for the winter. This is still an often underrepresented topic, especially in times of increasingly hot summers. As a technical general planner, we are pleased if the construction project in the district can be implemented as a “best practice” model.